About Transformagic

Transformagic was founded by three principals with deep combined experience in cybersecurity, content management, business intelligence, and data analytics. We quietly have led, enabled, or contributed to game-changing breakthroughs in disciplines including litigation support, commercial software development, engineering oil refineries, optical character recognition and others. Our backgrounds include deep applied research, classically trained musicians, law school, theoretical mathematics, astronomy and aviation. We have an unprecedented breadth of experience across our agile team, and we bring it to your problems with unwavering focus on what you most urgently need right now.

We are a diverse team of professionals with a long history of innovation and leadership, including the first commercial application of full text indexing, developing key technologies in document processing workflow, founding industry trade associations, and designing the first digital mailroom solutions. We have proudly built past companies, such as Imaging Acceptance Corporation, that employed thousands of people in our community, and Intensity Analytics Corporation, that solved a 30-year-old cybersecurity problem with a breakthrough based on the imaginative use of a theretofore-uncracked 100-year-old mathematical conundrum called the Curse of Dimensionality – and hold seven patents surrounding that capability.

We have come together as Transformagic to solve the very hardest problems in any industry. We see big-name consulting companies bill 10X-100X more just to wind up reading back to clients their very own ideas after months and months of "work". Our rare combination of talents and experience allow us to deliver on-time, fixed-price, standardized technology crafted with creative thinking. Our engagements often last days or weeks, and sometimes, have been delivered in just one weekend.

We are the game changers you’ve heard about. The transformation shows up in your business right away. The magic comes from our proven proprietary practices of working sprints together for maximum impact, whatever it takes. If you have a problem that you are desperate to solve and have dreamed about finding a magical solution, contact us.