Services: 100x Solutions

Transformagic solves the hardest problems in the best way, often at 1100th the time and 110th the cost of other credible alternatives. The Transformagic team is regularly called on to devise 100X solutions for vexing challenges across industries. If your trouble involves complex, sensitive or critical information management, business intelligence or data analytics, and you have found no practical way to solve it quickly, contact Transformagic. When time is critical, reputations are on the line, jobs are in balance, and you have no time to waste, contact Transformagic. If you don’t have the budget or patience to educate technical vendors who want to paper you with endless feasibility studies and bill you to provide on the job training for their team... contact Transformagic.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for fixing broken things, but most of our work is quick-turn, fixed price, high-impact. For highly qualified opportunities we will develop shared risk/shared profit approaches.

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